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Privacy statement Resort Walensee 45


In this privacy statement you can read how Resort Walensee 45 handles your data. This privacy statement relates to data processing via our website. Resort Walensee 45 respects the privacy of all customers/relations and users of our website and will ensure that the information you provide is treated confidentially. Resort Walensee 45 offers the rental of a holiday home and for proper execution it may be necessary for us to collect and store your personal data. This privacy statement is effective on June 1, 2023.

What are the bases? 

Resort Walensee 45 will process your personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Based on the General Data Protection Regulation, Resort Walensee 45 must be able to base the processing of your personal data on one of the legal bases mentioned in this regulation.

We will in particular process your data for the implementation of an agreement concluded with you (this is the case when you book our holiday home for a stay) or on the basis of permission given by you (this will be the case if you register for newsletters, for example) . 

In addition, Resort Walensee 45 will process any personal data from you on the basis of a legal obligation as well as on the basis of promoting legitimate interests, such as the application of direct marketing.

What data do we collect from you and with whom is this data shared? 

When you use the services of Resort Walensee 45, it is necessary that we register a number of your personal data. Your personal data is mainly processed by us to provide you with a carefree holiday. When you book a holiday home at Resort Walensee 45, Resort Walensee 45 will record the following information from you in its administration: 

• Name, address and contact details; 

• Other information you provide to Resort Walensee 45. 

Your data will be used to pass on to third parties involved in your booking or stay (think, for example, of the municipality, the insurance company in case of a travel or cancellation insurance, a cleaning company). Your data can also be used for: 

• The customer base of Resort Walensee 45, in which we store your data from previous bookings as well as contact moments, so that we can provide you with a faster and better service;

• To send a guest survey after your stay, so that Resort Walensee 45 can improve its services. Your answers can therefore also be shared with service providers engaged by Resort Walensee 45; 

• For sending information about services of Resort Walensee 45; if you wish to unsubscribe from this, please contact Resort Walensee 45. 

How long do we store your data? 

Resort Walensee 45 will ensure that your data is adequately secured and that your data is not kept longer than necessary for the aforementioned purposes, unless it is necessary on the basis of legislation that your personal data be kept longer.

Will the data be transferred outside the EU? 

In principle, the data is stored within the European Economic Area (EEA). However, certain data may be processed outside the EEA, such as in the United States. This data will only be processed if sufficient measures have been taken to protect the personal data in accordance with data protection legislation.

What are your rights?

You have: 

Right of access: the right to receive a copy of your personal data. 

Right to withdraw consent: the right to withdraw the consent given, in case we process your personal data on the basis of your consent. 

Right to rectification: the right to have the data changed. 

Right to data portability: the right to have personal data transferred to another party. 

Right to restriction: the right to restrict the way in which the data is processed. 

Right to human gaze in decision-making: a decision can be made on the basis of automatically processed data (without human intervention). There may be consequences to this. You are then entitled to a new decision.

Right to object: the right to object to the processing of the data. 

Right to clear information: the right to clear information about what we do with your personal data. 

Right to erasure: the right to have your personal data deleted again if there is no longer a good reason for this data to be processed. 

You also have the right to submit a complaint about your processing to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Do you want to use one of the above rights? 

Then you can contact us via the contact details below. Resort Walensee 45 will respond to your request within two weeks. 

If you have additional questions about the processing of your personal data or complaints, please also contact us via the contact details below.

Contact details:

00316 28 22 97 16

Disagree with the decision of Resort Walensee 45? 

If you do not agree with a decision of Resort Walensee 45 or its implementation, you can turn to the court or the relevant government agency.